Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Ornaments Sketch

Wow, two days in a row! Guess I might almost be back to Daily Painting, wish me luck on that. Might manage more than once a month. We'll see if this continues. It's just a loose sketch but it's big, colorful and bold, hangs on the wall next to the decorations themselves and it's cheery. Some art needs to be done just because it's fun.

I'm happiest with the texture on the shiny turquoise and gree nones, the purple matte finish one is camera-distorted and looks better in person, the glitter magenta ones look a little better in life but were the least successful. I'll have to work on "glitter covered texture." But that's what sketching is for, experiments!

9" x 12" Masters aka Charvin Watersoluble Pastel Sticks (hard pastels) on brown Bogus rough recycled sketch paper. I think I'll keep doing big sketches on this paper, it's so handy. For me 9 x 12" is big!

(Edited to replace the photo with a better photo I took after it was hanging on the wall, the first one was washed out.)

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