Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cats from Life in Pen

Kitten Kyra and Cat Ari sleeping condensed

While looking for Bombay India Ink Pen Cleaner, I went through all my tubs and found where the cats hid the three big Catnip Carrots. Flung those out into the room and the kitten went crazy. All three played wildly but that kitten was ridiculous, doing somersaults and handstands while strangling, kicking, chewing and washing it.

She wobbled and chased the cats around. Even grumpy matriarch China got silly and chased the kitten. Much feline gaiety later, they all crashed out so solidly they held still for more than two minutes! So I had to sketch them. I didn't pencil first either, both are just pen sketches.

The other page I did wasn't pretty, just swirls and bits of calligraphy practice and lines of block lettering in various colors in crowquill. A disorganized color chart for my Bombay India Inks. I should have just replaced the wheel of inks, got most of them anyway. But they're a little easier to store not in the wheel. Had fun with them sorting out and putting away all my new scribal goodies. 

One of my next projects will involve cleaning out my wooden scribe box to have a good place to keep these inks and dip pens and things!


  1. I'm glad to see you sketching again.

    1. Thanks! February's been a wash because I got pneumonia and even had to spend a couple of days in the hospital. I'm recovering now though and should be back to sketching soon. Plenty of cats around to model!