Sunday, April 12, 2015

Crayon Sketches from Memory

Crayon Sketches from Memory: Foxglove, Tomato, Daisy, Copper Ring
Crayola crayons on paper, 8 1/2" x about 6"

Just for a lark, I went ahead and bought the largest set of Crayola crayons available for goofing around in my sketchbook. They're fun. I charted them on the upper part of this page and discovered the range has few neutrals and many near-matches in gradations of magenta to cerise and bright blue-greens. Few tints and darks, but a few darks proved useful and there are many variations on dark blues and violets, one dark green and a maroon. 

The glitter and metallic ones have fairly subtle effects. All are quite transparent, much more so than colored pencils. They were a bit softer than the cheap crayons in that kid set and I was pleasantly surprised at the blending. Good enough for color sketching, a saturated color can always be muted by layering transparent complements!

The white is translucent enough to burnish without altering color, but putting it under another color lightens it substantially. It's always fun to do something in a kid's medium and have it come out the way I wanted things to when I was a kid struggling with them. They still cause a lot of little specks and crumbs though.

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