Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wisteria Trunk and Two Trees from Life

 Wisteria Trunk, 7" square
pen and watercolor in Stillman & Birn Zeta journal

Two Trees from Life
Derwent Graphitint, washed, same journal

I did sketch last week, the two trees were on the ride to my clinic appointment. Literally sketched while the van stopped, about five different trees went into the composite sketch. It's a common type of street tree in San Francisco that always fascinates me. Washed once I was in the waiting room. I love how Graphitints look, the combination of color and soft graphite is powerful and subtle.

On the same trip I sketched the Wisteria trunk from life, out back of the clinic garden in an area I usually go to smoke. That vine's fascinated me for years, it's thicker than my arm at its base and seems more like an extremely crooked tree than a vine. I put in the fence it grows on and the background later on Saturday after I started adding color. It took several days for me to decide on which watercolors to use, then once I'd painted the vine an leaves it looked awful. Everything was about mid-value against white. So I decided to throw in the loose background and fence and it balanced right. Went from one of my worst to one of my favorites that fast!
I'll be coming back to that vine in future. It's blooming now so I might tackle its flowers sometime.

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