Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gesture and Pencil Portrait of Ari Cat

Pencil Portrait and Pen Gesture of Ari Cat
9" x 12"

Still working and ruminating on a pastel landscape with good preliminaries that I plan to turn into a good demo on my Art Lessons blog. Ready to do that on the sanded paper, but haven't started that yet. Paper is chosen though and so are pastels.

Tomorrow's another clinic visit day - and that means doing water media! Maybe some charcoal and pastel sketching too, we'll wait and see. Till then, enjoy the first serious pencil drawing I've done in a long time.

Ari posed today with the sun shining in early afternoon brightness, all the lights on and for once, his beautiful eyes weren't heavily dilated. My room gets pretty dark and I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with his eyes. Nope. They dilate and retract just like any cat's, but he's fond of the low light and has no problem seeing anything even when it's too dark for me to see at all.

I meant to do pen and watercolor or just watercolor, but got going with an HB pencil and light shading turned into better shading. It was nice working that large for a change, the original is close to life size. My handsome model is now draped on the bed in a relaxed pose and I'll soon be joining him for the night. Sleep well, Ari Cat... your midnight crazies will probably wake me to laugh a little before I get back to sleep.

He already treated me to the Rowdy Cat Yell earlier and a thrilling pinball cat game all around the room ending in a triumphant trampoline tail chase on the bed. One of these times I need to start video on the first yell!

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