Thursday, June 4, 2015

Floral and Botanical Watermedia

Orange Poppies
5" x 7" W & N Watercolour Markers on Bockingford WC paper

Yesterday, despite ludicrous physical overexertion, I did some pretty good sketching with different water media. First, in the waiting room at my usual clinic visit, I used a photo I took last month to sketch some orange poppies that grew out in the SFGH Memory Garden. They were done blooming, replaced by some orange and yellow daisies in the same bed, but I'd gotten photos as I do almost every time. That helps when I need to find something interesting to sketch in a relatively dull waiting room.

Botanical sketches in pen and watercolor

Outside in the garden I got plenty of photos. Then went to the patient pickup and dropoff zone to sketch some interesting plants from the bed around the big fern. I've come to know that little patch intimately too. Didn't get the azalea bush, it was bloomed out, but an odd little bush with leaves that turn reddish at the tips of clusters and little sprays of waxy cream-colored small blooms, plus the copious plant that's dark red on the underside of its leaves, the tree or large shrub with gray green leaves with cream edges, one leaf of a big-leafed ornamental plant with reddish edges and a small bright green weed that appealed to me. I don't know the names of these plants, but I did want to sketch and remember them. 

I don't need to have a yard as long as I've got access to that beautiful a public garden. I like it even more for not having to keep it up.

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