Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rose and Ari Page pen and watercolor

Rose and Ari Page
pen and watercolor

Pigma Micron size 02 moderately fine, with Yarka Professional watercolor. Three days of pen drawings, with watercolor added today. Took some time with the page rather than rushing through and didn't add color until the whole page was done. The rose is from one of my garden photos, three pebbles and my cat are from life.

He doesn't pose for very long but I love him so much. I've been penciling while he poses and inking later referring back to him in whatever pose he's in to get values and markings accurate. Managed to get his eyes pale blue in the bottom right pose where they're visible.

Unlike most cats who have black eyelids, his are almost white and very startling against the black hair rimming them. They make his big round eyes look even bigger. I love him and capturing those subtle details is hard on that scale, but well worth it.

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