Friday, May 15, 2015

Ari Cat Life Sketch in Derwent Graphitints

Ari Cat Life Sketch
Derwent Graphitint pencils on paper

I meant to do this as pencil and wash, but the only wash it really wanted was very delicately around his blue eyes.  I went very lghtly around them in Indigo and then just touched the brush to the blue line drawing it in, dissolving it without bleeding the black pupils into it. After that I couldn't distract with the wash on the rest of him, just let his pencil textures stand.

I like Derwent Graphitints for sketching, subtle color muted with graphite and as pencils they're very soft. Around 8B soft, good and strong for sketching. They've been favorites for a long, long time.

Look close and you can see several colors mingled in his fur and paws, while I used a deep green instead of black for the scribbled lines of the pillow and sheet. They were black but I changed them for purpose of the drawing. He likes laying on the bed in exactly my spot. They say cats don't like our scent but he always curls up in my place on the bed or in my laundry to get it on himself. Every cat needs to know he has me and of course I get paw-scented and face-scented all the time so cats I meet know I've got Ari for my painting buddy.

He just meowed for early supper so I'd better go feed the model!

Ari Cat life sketch and Irises from photo, 9" x 12"

Two more sketches, this time with Tombow brush pens on a wirebound sketchbook a friend gave me. It's not archival but the Tombow pens aren't lightfast, making it a good place to work things out for future paintings. Thinking of doing those two irises in pastels with the Holbeins on Mi-Tientes Touch.

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