Monday, May 18, 2015

Ari Cat Sketches

Ari Cat sketches, some from life
Brush pen on paper, 9" x 12"

Today was a day for just spending time with my cat. Six or seven times he jumped up and took over my lap, sometimes sleeping till my legs went to sleep. He started out by armpitting me first thing when I woke up and spent the whole day snuggling on and off. He shoves his whole face into my armpit and head-bangs softly. It always makes me laugh, he gets so intense about it.

When he was little he'd run and put his head in my armpit whenever he got scared. If there was a storm or dogs barking or neighbors yelling or he had a bad dream, he'd run up and nuzzle my armpit and shiver. Then comfort himself chewing the armpit of my sweaters. He was a serious woolbiter, Siamese like to do that. Now he's a big grown up cat of 15 pounds, 15 years old. And he still likes to cuddle and just be my kitten again for a while.

So I sketched him again during some of his non-lap moments. He's the one cat I've had the most practice with and sometimes the trickiest with his markings.

More pastels tomorrow maybe.

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