Saturday, April 14, 2012

#9 - Endive and Bell Pepper

Endive and Bell Pepper
6" x 8"
Girault pastels on gray pastel paper.

Today's painting isn't a landscape because I had a long and interesting day. This morning I got out of the house at 7:30am to volunteer at the Food Bank. Because I'm living on Social Security, I also qualified to get groceries.

To my delight instead of a random assortment of breakfast cereals and packaged foods like the other food banks I'd been to, this one had gorgeous produce and serious protein. I got six chicken drumsticks, a dozen beautiful brown eggs, onions, potatoes, a pear, two big oranges ... and the Endive.

I had never seen an Endive before.

I stared across the room while I was sorting giant bags of onions at this mystery vegetable. It looked like a rolled up morning glory bud with Alizarin Crimson edging on blazing white petals with a dash of greenish hue at the base. I had no idea what it was till I asked.

I'd read about Endive in various stories and novels, but I don't eat salads. So I generally don't bother with that side of the produce aisles or know what goes into them much. Lettuces and tomatoes and raw plant stuff with sour stuff poured on it. The sour stuff makes me sick for reasons I didn't understand for years and the raw plants were hard to digest so I just avoided the whole thing unless it was fruit.

I couldn't this time. That Endive was too beautiful. I had to get it and paint it. I'll have a go at eating it without sour stuff on it - maybe a dash of olive oil and some garlic salt will make it tasty and I'll find a way to enjoy salads without getting sick.

Still more still lifes to come because I can't resist those lovely brown eggs and beautiful onions either. Even the potatoes might be amusing. So this series is titled "Food, Glorious Food!"


  1. This is so nice. You have captured the endive perfectly! What fun to paint it then eat it. I hope that you enjoy it, but don't be disappointed if you don't. I believe that endive is an acquired taste!

  2. Thank you both! Ricky, I'm going to try it with various toppings to think of it more as a support for caloric substances than a food by itself. I really don't like lettuce so this may not be my thing. But I don't like eggplant either yet I love the way they look. If I can find one thing that makes it palatable, it'll rock.