Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Painting from Life

Small tree and bush study in Daniel Smith watercolors on my Robert Bateman spiral bound multimedia sketch pad. Not all paintings have to be framable or serious, like many plein air paintings this one's more a study for later paintings. I took some reference photos of the same cluster of trees and bushes next to the brick clinic building.

When I'm out at my clinic appointments or otherwise going somewhere that isn't planned as a plein air trip, I fall back on using a Niji water brush. That limits me to effects I can do with a size 7 or 8 nylon round brush but the convenience of not needing to hunt down water or find a place I can wash the brush afterward is well worth it.

Since I visit the same clinic every Wednesday morning, the more often I sketch these trees the more I'll see in them. I can experiment with different colors and effects. In this one I deliberately muted the greens, didn't try to capture the colors exactly as I saw them in the sun.

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  1. Omgggg. I loved your painting. It was amazing! Also i loved how nicely you worte all that. These little things makes you, you. Thank you for sharing this!