Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cat gestures in ballpoint

Ari cat gestures in ballpoint
Moleskine accordion fold pocket sketchbook

When I'm busy and a lot is going on, as happens some Saturdays especially, I try to at least get in a quick gesture sketch of my cat. I did two of them yesterday before settling down to work on the Red Flowering Maple painting. Tonight though, having bathed and dealt with three or four stressors and had home care over, I wasn't up to getting dusty. So I opened it up to fill the last space on the page. 

Ari moves around a lot! Even when he's sleeping I can't count on a pose being more than two minutes. He can be sound asleep but he'll stand up and turn around to lay the other way. He's not paying attention to what I'm doing, it's just how he sleeps - fidgety. Maybe this is the secret to how cats can sleep 18 hours a day and still get plenty of exercise. 

To be a cat lover means getting used to the sight of a sleeping cat and find that adorable. I don't often wake him up but when I do, he purrs and loves the attention. He's also left me the most astonishing cloud of pale undercoat fluff on the middle of my bed, which has black covers this week. Announced his presence with maximum contrast! He sure is a champion shedder!

I love the fuzzy boy and the more often I default to drawing him, the better I am at abstract forms and all animals.

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