Monday, September 29, 2014

Cat portrait, pen sketch

Ari Cat Portrait
Pigma Micron Pen on
Pocket Moleskine Accordion Fold Sketchbook

Nothing yesterday, when I started coming down with the flu. Achy, nauseated, coughing deep and painful and feverish, I nonetheless hauled out a good photo reference of my beloved cat. Penciled first, then inked this slightly larger than most sketch of him. Didn't try for reserved white whiskers though, Not today on a bad day, just another cat study because I love him and wanted to get in some daily art.

I don't know how long this will last. Hopefully just a couple of days, but then I never know if it'll linger for weeks. Pretty annoying when it happens. But I'm still trying to hang on and do something, that and remember to post when I do.

Today was a win despite the flu.

Score for the month is spectacular. Eight pastel paintings. Three serious watercolor and pen pages. That's amazing when most months if I'm lucky I get in one pastel and maybe a page or two of sketching. I have ramped up successfully and will try to continue this. If the weather knocks me down again, then it does... but September is a good month, maybe the best weather all year.

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