Thursday, September 25, 2014

White Curcuma exotic flower

White Curcuma
photo reference by Dewi on

Yesterday I didn't paint at all, was too tired after doing my clinic appointment. I had planned to do pastel plein air in the clinic garden but my van arrived half an hour early - after some preliminary photos I went out back and there it was. However, before I went, I did mat and frame the Bluebird painting, which does count as daily art to me as it's far more physical than most of my painting.

I used more blending in this White Curcuma painting than in most, contrasting a stick blended texture on the central flower with a blended loose background and some linear accents. I didn't prime the page with sanded primer, just worked directly on the 180lb white rough watercolor paper of my Stillman & Birn Beta pastel journal. I also taped a sheet of tracing paper over the page to protect the art, taped just on the outside right edge to fold over it. This has worked well for six pages of my Pastel Journal and I have high hopes of finishing 25 good pastel paintings in it.

Sketch wall with three of my paintings framed, bluebird is upper right.

So that was some serious accomplishment. I don't think I managed anything on Tuesday either but I could be wrong, posted it if I did. So much for memory, the fibro fog chews it up. The shot helps give me some energy but the outing itself to get it is so draining that I don't usually manage anything afterward.

So much for good intentions. Daily art is still "health permitting" and yeah, there is a reason I'm living on SSI instead of working full time as an artist. If I could do 40 hours a week painting and selling, I would so definitely go back to full time art - but that doesn't work when my disabilities don't permit more than a short session at best in a day.

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