Friday, January 2, 2015

Black Bird, Ari Cat and Rose

Catching up for a couple of days past...

Black Bird
pastel on paper 8 1/2" x 11"

Today's black bird is for the Weekend Drawing Event on WetCanvas, hosted by artbyjune who provided 16 photo references and a challenge. I finished in under two hours so the challenge is there. I've always been fond of grackles, starlings, ravens, crows, any black birds. Their iridescence and dark intensity are beautiful to me and of course this one had a great pose.

Yesterday I sketched my cat in pastel pencil for the first art of 2015, on the same page as Wednesday's colored pencils lavender rose. So the last art of 2014 and first of 2015 are also in the same letter size sketchbook.  I'm having fun with this one, a gift that really got me going!

Lavender Rose in colored pencils 12-31-2014
Ari Cat in pastel pencil 1-1-2015
Happy New Year!

Ari was from life of course, he posed near the door and I sketched him mostly before he moved, did some shading after he changed pose slightly. The rose is from my own photo while I was out at the clinic garden. 

Now if I can just remember to post daily when I draw daily, all's well!


  1. I have seen your work on Wet Canvas and followed your link here. I have really enjoyed seeing lots of your work together, despite reading it from latest to earliest (so seeing some work being 'undone'). I find your attitude towards your sketchbooks refreshing and inspiring, so thank you. Your willingness to use whatever suits you at the time has encouraged me to do the same. I now use memory, life, photos and a mixture of the three to improve my skills. I am also starting to use, and long for, a variety of supplies.

    I have a dog - a minature schnauzer who hardly looks like one as I trim him. Like you, I adore my companion and have started sketching him. Like you, I have to adapt to constant posture changes. Unlike you, I very rarely get it right. Give me time.

    Thank you again and I hope your health allows you to continue to write, sketch and paint on a regular basis.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying these entries and especially that they inspire you. Have fun sketching your schnauzer! Be sure to date every one of the drawings, it makes a huge difference in only a few tries. You'll surprise yourself soon with him! Purr and thank you.