Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 19 Tropical Fish Dory

Tropical Fish Dory 9" x 12"
pastel on paper
photo reference by gnu on

Today's painting was done for the challenge "has bright colors and scales." I love tropical fish and love that particular blue-violet color, especially on a fish with yellow accents. Went searching in the Reference Image Library for one that color and passed many gorgeous reef references that unfortunately didn't have a screaming bright individual scaled animal standing out. Found this dory, laughed remembering Finding Nemo and painted it anyway.

Tomorrow we'll see a beautiful calico house cat continuing my 2015 Cat Study, also I'll be going out tomorrow evening to a reception for the show I'm in, Vantage Points at the Openhouse GBLT Senior Center. I have yet to see the whole show but sent my home care worker with three of my best, Conch, Colourful Lemons and Pacific Wave. It's going to be fun, we're getting a lecture from an art museum curator and I haven't attended anything like it in more than a decade. At last I get out of the house. This is going to rock.

If I get any good photos I'll post them tomorrow or next day. Wish me luck going out on something that isn't a medical appointment!

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