Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cara the Nubian Goat - pen drawing

Nubian Goat head and neck in pen drawing

Today I went to some photos I got earlier of my daughter's farm animals and chose a good face reference of Cara the Nubian Goat. When I was getting the photo she was standing off in a good full body position but I walked closer so she came right up to the fence. She's very friendly! Wanted pets and attention, some raisins if I had any, which I didn't. So next time I'll bring raisins out. Getting a full body photo of her without the fence in between might be tricky!

Though if I sketch from life I might manage to forget the fence. There's always that!

It's fun drawing these critters. Warming up my pen drawing for more SCA scroll work, need to do some good calligraphy soon! I'd like to have that scroll done well before Gulf Wars and send it with my daughter when she goes to that week long event in March. Maybe even have two scrolls done before she leaves, but that's looking a bit dodgy unless I can pick up the pace. One at a time!

Update - I did get going on the scroll and did the hardest part - the calligraphy with a dip pen. The big fancy capital A is more drawing and pretty easy as it's penciled out and designed. The painting once that's done will be a breeze, it's just painting in gouache and fairly simple, not even a lot of shading so much as coloring and then freshen the lines with the Pigma Micron again. But the calligraphy had me sweating and stressed, the farther I got with it the more I dreaded making an irreparable mistake. A couple of lower case A's that need definition can be cleaned up with a small brush and some white later on.

Award of Arms scroll in progress with calligraphy done and border inked.

I'm very happy with how it looks. It'll be even better once the border design is painted. I might add a few gold details at the end.

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