Saturday, January 16, 2016

Equine Studies

 Left side page, pencil on paper

Right side page, pencil on paper
Large watercolor Moleskine journal.

I did these pages a couple of days ago while out at one of my daughter's horse shoeing stops. Stu is a show horse, very beautiful and graceful. He was well behaved while his owner held his head and my daughter trimmed his hooves and nailed his new shoes on. She actually did a bunch of horses that day but my fibro caught up with me so I didn't do any more sketches.

I meant to pen and watercolor these, but once I was finished I decided I liked the look of the pencil drawings as themselves. Sometimes that happens even in a watercolor journal.

It's part of art to know when to stop. These pages are good in themselves and while I may work from them or from any sketch on them, graphite lasts as well as anything else I could put on them. Might spray fixative since I'm keeping the graphite but I'll take it outdoors in the daytime for that.

Having finally gotten all moved in, I shouuld be posting more often now and will try to get back to daily art! It was hard for about a month, even though I did quite a few drawings getting photos wasn't always easy and sometimes I forgot to date them. So let's go forward from here!


  1. You certainly nailed it here "It's part of art to know when to stop" Great sketches!!!

    1. Thanks! In the past few years I've gotten better at it, but way back in the 80s I did this tremendously powerful portrait and left his eyes till last - with eyes blank the face looked like a tragedy mask, a deep powerful artwork for the ages, universal. When I put the eyes in I had a nice portrait of the subject, it lost all that eerie power. I didn't redo it but I didn't forget either. Sometimes plans change because it's perfect before its next stage.