Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Scroll border

Scroll border 

Well, been out of touch for a while partly due to weather and partly activity. Not much art but lots of outdoor activity. I went to a one day SCA event last Saturday and came back all stoked for medieval art again. 

I'd penciled this scroll border starting on the first event I went to a few weeks ago, then finished penciling sometime in between. Today I finally inked it and though I don't have a photo of it, put in guidelines and text layout, then penciled the text for an Award of Arms scroll. This is a Society for Creative Anachronism award given for service to the club by the particular Kingdom and the Kingdom always needs more of them done. 

I designed it after a manuscript page in the Luttrell Psalter that I copied out of a book that's currently up in the attic. I'll be matching the calligraphy to its period and hand lettering with a dip pen most likely, having gotten to play with them putting names on scrolls at the event. Found out I was still good at black letter calligraphy, the Old English type of style actually named Quadrata Textura.

So I'll be replacing my dip pens since those are buried, or getting extras if I can find them. I put a Speedball Calligraphy Set on my next Blick order and will be getting it soon to take advantage of the current huge coupon - 25% off orders over $225 is huge. I often plan orders to be $200 or more to get the 20% off coupons but they just beat that, so I'll be saving even more on everything.

I got somewhat blocked by working on this scroll, procrastinated on the inking but didn't sketch anything else till I got to this point on it. Now I may have to wait for the pens so I'll go ahead and sketch, paint, draw whatever comes to hand. Today was a really good day. 

Had some bitter cold days where my hands ached too much to do anything but today wasn't bad at all. Hopefully milder weather will continue - and hopefully I'll keep posting more often as I get back into daily art or art related activity.

I've got no more excuses since my stuff actually is unpacked and organized too!

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