Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Tan Cow and Ari from Life

 The Tan Cow - 5" x 7" Pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes

Whoops! I haven't posted for a while, and this is awkward.  I was a bit under the weather with many days of no art this month. But I also missed several posts I could have done. Today's is from a photo by Karen Margulis, she posted it in her blog from her recent trip to France and I had the idea of making the cow the main subject of my sketch. So I asked in the comments and she gave permission!

Hard pastels on light orange non sanded paper. Sometimes I just want to play with the easy stuff, not layer and layer.

 Tree and Mt. Fuji Page - Pocket Watercolor Moleskine journal
Prismacolor Watercolor pencils in Black and Indigo, washed.

Sometimes small is beautiful. Back on the 15th, I went out for my clinic visit and brought my Prismacolor Watercolor pencils. The little tree was sketched in the Paratransit van while we stopped to pick up another disabled person for her ride. Then on the 22nd, I finished the page. During a documentary, I paused when a train scene showed Mt. Fuji through the window. 

I'd always seen symmetrical photos of it and paintings usually render it as perfectly symmetrical. One slope was definitely gentler! It was much more beautiful to me with the elongated gentle slope to the right so I had o sketch in Indigo, a traditional color in Japanese art.

Best Fuji that I've ever done!

Ari Cat in Watercolor on Paper, Sleeping On Our Bed, Back Turned

He looked comfortable on the 21st and I could not resist painting him. 

Sparrow in Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils, Washed, on Large Moleskine Watercolor Journal

On the 15th, in the waiting room, I enlarged a photo of a sparrow that I'd taken two weeks previously and sketched and painted him. Love how that came out! About 3 1/2" across, not the full page, just upper left area of page.

Wow. I really haven't caught up! Here's still more!

Tree and Birds Page
Pen and Watercolor on large Moleskine Watercolor Journal

Drew and painted this page on July 1st, have some other projects in process that I'm working on but won't post till they're done. I did some sketching toward the end of June that I forgot to post too, but may get into that later. Caught up now for July, so that's good enough for now!
My apologies for this abandonment. I'll leave the tab up so that I remember to post when I paint!

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