Saturday, August 22, 2015

Vase and Fruit finishing Lightwell Page

 Twilight Lightwell and Floral Still Life Page
pen and watercolor

Floral Still Life with Five Apples
pen and watercolor on large Moleskine watercolor journal.

So far I've done 10 of 14 "Animals" ATCs and once I finished another Ari cat one this morning I wanted to do something I could post. So I glanced across the room at the arrangement of silk flowers and thought, let's do the first version. I'll probably paint this several times over in different media, but this is a start to get a feel for it. I love the variety in it and the different forms. I love the crystal vase my friend bought me too, will be doing some much more detailed, realist renderings of that. 

Silk flowers are as good as live ones for painting. Sometimes better. Especially across the room, the forms are natural enough and the light strikes them well. For details I might compare them with some of my photos but if I'm not getting that detailed, it's much better to be able to return to the subject again and again!

Ari posed for me in a lovely way while I was typing this up, so I quickly sketched, inked and painted #11 of the series. I love the way he'll do that. He was in an odd pose but I managed to get the gesture and someone's getting a good cat ATC out of this. Next up, I've got a bobcat reference!

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