Sunday, March 13, 2016

Capricorn the Lamb in pen and watercolor

Capricorn the Lamb
3" x 5" pen and watercolor

Still enjoying the small Strathmore Visual Journal. A neighbor lost a mother sheep to drowning in the pond and gave her orphaned male lamb to my granddaughter Sascha. She named him Capricorn and is having a ball playing with him in the yard. He heels like a little dog, follows her around and gets bottle fed hourly. 

So now I have yet another species to paint and draw. Capricorn has an interesting fur texture with lovely well defined Botticelli waves, so I may do some other studies before he's grown and his wool looks woolly. He's very tame and sweet. 

I'm glad to be back to daily painting or drawing and as usual, if I do any more today I'll edit them into this entry.


  1. Rob! This would make an excellent note card. Maybe a set of 4, one for each season, this one being Spring. The colors are beautiful ♥♥

    1. Wow, thank you! I hadn't thought of it, may have to consider doing something like that. I'd need to use other critters for the other seasons of course. Maybe a horse in winter, or a barn cat doing the waif thing in the window. I have very friendly, loving barn cats - inside or out there's always a friendly cat near to purr on me.

  2. This is a lovely piece of painting that you have made. Your work is improving day by day and its getting better. I love the colours you have used.