Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Leaf in Pen and Watercolor

Leaf in Pen and Watercolor, 3" x 5"

Still using the small Strathmore Visual Journal. This morning I had a medical appointment that became very stressful. I noticed a leaf on the ground and brought it in, sketched it in the waiting room.

Had some fun charging color into color on the main leaf. The original was completely dried but I brought back some autumn color into it and then gave it a dry brushed loose background because my first swipe with the brush had broken color. I loved the way that looked and just continued with the same strokes.


  1. These paintings are looking eye catchy specially the leaf painted by using the water colors. I am just loving your concept of painting a leaf.

  2. A simple leaf with water and oli color mix has become a good piece to be watched of. Is simply beautiful and attractive one. You are a good pinter. Just keep doing what you are good with.