Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kyra Kitten from Life in Pen and Watercolor

Kyra Kitten from Life, pen and watercolor
3" x 5" short hair Siamese cat with white blotches.

Kyra was sound asleep on a chair, so I managed to capture the endlessly moving Bumble Kitten inert just long enough to pencil her - and get her unusual proportions accurately. She is a very long, thin kitten. Muscular rather than bony, she sometimes resembles a leggy, furry snake! Long long neck. Long face. Long legs actually too, she just has that Siamese lanky build. Beautiful blue eyes, white muzzle and white patterns on her body and legs.

When I first met her, she seemed white all over but as she ages, the faint blotches of beige Siamese-colored fur are popping up more intensely. She now shows the unique markings that make her my Siamese Crossed With A Snowpatch!

Instead of pan watercolors, I used 24 Cretacolor Aqua Monolith pencils and washed out the penciling, keeping my colors soft and natural. The blue-green cushion's a bit lighter than life but I did that to keep the painting soft.

Love my Bumble Kitten! She's been good for Ari - she loves him and constantly teases him to play!


  1. So Ari is making new playmates­čś╗

    1. Oh yes! He has cat friends here. Kyra is his favorite, he loves her and I saw him washing her during one of her quieter moments. China Princess didn't like him at first but is mostly throwing her weight around as Cat Princess Ruler Of This House, she started being nicer to him lately. Toothless (formerly Midnight) is new so all three girls are hissing and spitting and swatting, woe the dog when a Corgi mixes up in that.

      Kyra knows she's my cat though. Everyone has been putting her in my lap when they catch her and she purrs when I pet her, though that's mostly when she's been sleeping. She is a wiggle puss and if she's awake she's playing.

  2. So Ari is making new playmates­čś╗