Monday, October 19, 2015

Pen and Watercolor Rooster

Pen and Watercolor Rooster
3" x 5 1/2" in large Moleskine watercolor journal

Today's art is small and refined. I didn't draw till late and then answered an art game of "the next sketch is..." with him as a black and white animal. Yellow feet and red face decorations didn't seem to break that up. Very tricky doing his markings justice. 

This one was fun. I do like doing accurate animals and birds. I've been a little more interested in chickens for the past few years since my adopted daughter got hers. They're fascinating birds. Very close to the lineage of dinosaur-birds, so hers have the nickname of "back yard tyrannosaurs" and are doing a fine job of eliminating spiders, worms, bugs of all kinds out there.

When I move back there with her I'll have other farm critters to sketch. Horses, lots, she has rescue horses and I'll also be riding around on her horse shoeing adventures with sketch gear in hand. Also goats, ducks, dogs, rabbits, grand kids and many assorted cats besides my own! It'll be fun.

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