Thursday, October 15, 2015

Portrait of Ari Cat with White Whiskers

"White Whiskers" cat portrait
7" square pen and watercolor on paper

Still more Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Daniel Smith watercolor on Stillman and Birn Delta journal. I turned to my favorite subject throughout the past fifteen years, Ari Cat, my color point long hair. Started penciling from my avatar photo on Google Hangout, got the general outline, did his face from memory.

He was in my lap at the time with his face pressed down to my leg, so I couldn't exactly check the real cat's features till he got up. Happily, I got it right on the penciling! Checked when he got up and then inked... and decided this time he needed his true white whiskers rather than my just flicking them in black with Pigma Micron pen.

Some time ago, a long tme ago actually, I bought an Alvin Ruling Pen from Dick Blick along with a lot of other stuff. Like many small supplies it got tucked in a drawer and forgotten, came with me on the move and today I got fed up with translucent white gel pens that skip and dry up, white watercolor that comes out transparent and makes thick brush lines, and remembered I had it. Took it out and tried it with liquefied Caran d'Ache Neocolor II white.

That did the trick! Clean straight fine lines in a strong opaque white that went right over inked black passages. I loved it. Now it's sitting right out with my pen ready to use any time and I know what white is opaque enough to use with it. Another triumph!

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