Friday, October 9, 2015

Velociraptor in Pen and Watercolor

7" square, pen and watercolor

Isn't he gaudy! Of course I had to create a colorful male Velociraptor, shaking his mane and showing off his bright teeth and hot red-pink wattle! I loved the new dinosaur revelations at every round, warm-blooded, feathered theropods fascinated me and made posing them a lot easier. 

The photo reference for the Emu looked so much like the most recent reconstructions of little feathered raptors that I went ahead and used it again to do my Velociraptor. They're little, about the size of a turkey, but make up for it with the switchblade claw and all those sharp teeth. Dinosaurs don't need to be gigantic to be cool!

And being sixty, no reason not to still get into them - now that I can finally draw and paint well enough to do them justice!

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