Monday, October 20, 2014

Blissful Repose (Snow Leopard)

Blissful Repose
9" x 8 1/2"
Charcoal on Aquabee Hemp Draw paper

Today was the Animal & Wildlife Challenge at WetCanvas reveal day. Since I try to draw or paint within one day, I usually do these challenge paintings on the reveal day - it's too frustrating to finish and then set it aside and not post it. I'm liable to forget to post it at all if I do that, don't trust the fibromyalgia or my sense of time. So it's more fun for me to just wait for the day and do it with whatever I reach for at the time.

This is a little change from my usual renderings, I didn't measure carefully so much as block in and tighten to the likeness. Got better accuracy in less time working this way. Of course it helped that it's a cat. Any cat, I have a lot of practice with their anatomy and sense of where their bodies flow while in a pose. This is a very flat cat! Ear flicking in a dream, he's just comfortable. Looked contented to me. My own cat sleeps this well too most of the time.

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