Monday, October 6, 2014

Luminous Lily

Luminous Lily
6" x 8" horizontal
Rembrandt pastels on black Crescent RagMat
photo reference by DAK723 on
for October 2014 Spotlight challenge "Orange"

My second Spotlight Challenge painting for the month. I deliberately brought out the orange hue with a deep dark blue background, combining green and violet cast dark blues scumbled over black. The idea behind this painting was high contrast and high intensity saturation. I love how it brightens my wall.

Crescent RagMat is an archival mat board with a lovely vellum surface. It makes a beautiful drawing and painting surface as well as a professional quality mat, so I save all my centers as painting boards. I mark them down to the next standard size from the mat opening. This experiment was to see if they'd be good for plein air and I think they might be! 

Actually painted yesterday on Sunday, but I still have a cold and was too foggy and tired to post. I might have a second post today if I'm up to painting again.

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