Thursday, October 9, 2014

Charcoal life sketches

Charcoal Life Sketches
9" x 7" approx.
Charcoal on hemp paper

Scavenger Hunt list is a new one. The last one was great and everything on it was awesome, but I got sick so didn't do page after page of sketching. This one there's some items I'll want to skip, just don't have access to them for life drawing or if I did wouldn't want to draw them. I don't get moved by a "washer" though I suppose I could just do a simple metal washer, a donut shape with a thickness to put under a screw. If I have one around. There's a lot of household stuff and Comfortable looked like the only way to squeeze in my cat. 

Eh, they vary, but it's a starting point, something to get my life sketching going.

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