Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Foxglove Sketch

Foxglove Sketch
9" x 12"
pastel on brown Mi-Tientes smooth side
my own photo 

I took quite a few photos last Wednesday at the San Francisco General Hospital's Memory Garden, a place I frequent for photos and painting outdoors every two weeks. I have a regular nurse appointment to get an injection, but set my pickup time an hour late to have time to stroll the garden, sketch and get photos. This last time I did both, sketches and photos. The foxgloves are fascinating to me. Not quite like snapdragons but very similar, spikes of trumpet shaped flowers with curling interesting lips. This is just a preliminary sketch, I intend to develop them in a lot more detail, maybe in pastels again and maybe in pen-watercolor.

Pastels used are Cretacolor Pastels Carre' - that roll makes them so handy now!

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