Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 29 Orchid in Pen and Watercolor

3 1/2" x 7"

Another reference by jlloren for the September 25, 2015 Weekend Drawing Event. This pot of two flowering orchid stems that may be the same plant was very artistic in itself, shot against what looked like a gradated charcoal background, the flowers were overexposed. It was the form of the entire plant and the little glass ink pot with incense sticks in it that were the main point, not just the flowers. I could not detail them or even tell what kind of orchids they were.

But the overall shape fascinated me, so I abstracted hte form a little. Penciled and then inked with that magic Pentel brush. I'm getting better at the delicate control needed to get thick-thin lines where I want them instead of a shaky hand and a weird series of blotches. Watercolor was something that I'd meant to put in a wash leaving the overexposed flowers white... but once again it reached a point of "No. This is done. Not one more stroke. Don't ruin it."

I have no idea what I'll do on the other side of its page but it will have to balance properly with this, the white space is an important part of the composition. Might be something vertical-ish about that size coming down from upper right to make a diagonal composition.

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