Monday, September 14, 2015

Days 13 and 14 Candle and Rose

Red Candle ATC  

Rose ATC

Love these Winsor & Newton Watercolour Markers. Red Candle, yesterday's daily art, started as an idea of doing Fire for the Dick Blick "Elements of Nature" contest. Meant to do a wildfire, wound up doing a candle from memory.

Rose is from life from a silk rose sitting next to me. A little tighter and more accurate than the one in pastels and a different angle, I still had fun with it. Again, deepened the colors, the model's a very pale salmon pink. But I liked the shapes and just started rambling through them, simplified a little, painted expressively.

These ATCs are great for bad days. Today was a serious chronic fatigue one with long nap and much dizziness, but I still painted! Keeping up!

WOW! This is my 150th post! Very cool. Got to keep this up too!

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